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Pre-finished Natural Wood borders with high quality & marvelous designs

Industrial Composition of the product

Borders are composed of two layers plus coating layer

⦁ The upper layer from hard African or European wood with 6 mm thickness.

⦁ The lower layer from Perch plywood with 12 mm thickness.


5 layers of European U.V Acrylic coating material with high resistance towards friction & corrosion.

Glue used in Production:

European PVA-D3 Glue is used in the production phases complying with all the European Industrial & environmental Specs.

Technical Specs

Strips size in mm

Length Width Thickness
According to design According to design70 mm 16 - 18 mm10 up to 20

⦁ The surface layer is formaldehyde-free with no carcinogenic or allergenic materials.

⦁ Can be re-sanded & coated several times.

⦁ Humidity ratio from 8 - 10 %.

The Following table states the Tech. Specs. according to the standard tests:

Test Spec. Grade
Chemical resistance DIN 68861 TL1 1 B
Flammability Degree DIN 4102 B 1
Friction resistance ASTM 1.000g weight CS 17 stone 14000 cycle
Scratching resistance DIN 68861 TL4 4 B
Thermal Test EN 12722 120 C°
Longitudinal cut test DIN 53151 GT0
Cigarettes test DIN 68861 TL6 6 C

Some Materials Effect on Viplex according to DIN 628861 PART1 Specs. :

Material Test time Result
Tea/Coffee 16 hours No effect
Vinegar / acetone 16 hours No effect
Sodium Carbonates 16 hours No effect
Ethyl Alcohol 16 hours No effect
Cola 16 hours No effect
Butter/Onion 16 hours No effect
Mustard 16 hours No effect
Fuel 16 hours No effect
Black Ink 16 hours 3 units
Soap 16 hours No effect

Installation Methods:

Borders can be applied to any Flat surface (Tiles - Ceramic - Wood - Flat Surfaced Concrete)

Floating System :

Where the borders are directly installed over a layer of poly ethylene with 2 mm thickness while using the PVA-D3 glue on the tiles' tongues. This method is preferred for all the other methods.

Viro Floor Method:

Since our product is composed of natural wood, It could be installed on thin softwood strips of 8 mm thickness with 2 layers of poly ethylene above and under the strips to protect those strips & the borders against humidity. This method is preferred for its good sound resistance plus its humidity resistance.

Glue down method :

Where the borders are directly glued to any flat floor using polymer-based glues made specially to glue wooden floors to any flat surface.

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