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Wood Stairs

Natural wood stairs can have an important and stunning visual impact on the look of a room, and different styles of staircase will each have its own effect. Whether you are in the design planning stages for a new home or planning a remodel, Viro floor can provide your home with the ideal wood stairs and railings for your home.

Type of wood

Wood staircases can be built from a number wood species including oak, maple, beech, ash, iroko and mahogany are available. The wide variety of woods available means a wide variety of looks and styles can also be achieved.

If you already have hardwood flooring in your home, we will be able to provide a very close match for your staircase or if you have a specific kind of wood in mind. 

Staircase Styles

Where the strips are directly installed over a layer of poly ethylene with 2 mm thickness while using the PVA-D3 glue on the boards' tongues. This method is preferred for all the other methods.Just as the type of wood that you use will have a dramatic impact on the finished look of your staircase, so does the style or configuration. Styles range from straight to circular. In part, the style you choose will be somewhat dictated by the amount of room you have for your staircase as well as your budget. Even a basic straight staircase however can be made to look very elegant through simple design choices such as having a wider bottom step or through the design of your railings and spindles

Other materials

All-wood staircases can add elegance, charm and style to any home but this does not mean that you can’t get just as dramatic an effect by bringing other materials into the mix. Wood stairs are often paired with other materials such as metal and glass.

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